What People are Saying

“Marie Elena’s coaching is like an iPad…I didn’t think I needed it, but now that it’s in my life, it’s a daily tool and would be crushed if I lost it. My sessions with her always give me inspiration to try new things, motivation to pass on the learnings, and a renewed sense of urgency to fix my bad habits. Her curriculum is also a testament, and prime example, of how Eric and the [a] network cares about our culture. My team appreciates that I’ve taken part in this training…and, are even more appreciative (and impressed) that Ayzenberg offers it.

Joey Jones
VP, Creative Director of CGI/Character Animation

“When I signed up for leadership training I wasn’t sure what to expect. I feared it might be a lot of lectures about corporate best practices on managing your employees to get the most out of them without getting sued. Instead what I got was a life coach with some really great advice on interpersonal relationships of all kinds, but of course, most specifically, professional relationships. Marie Elena guided us through a set of common sense tools to make us better communicators, collaborators, and arbitrators. She pushed us to apply these tools to real challenges we were currently facing and identify specific steps we could take to reach our goals. I am walking away from the experience more confident about my ability be a leader and with some great advice to fall back on when my instincts waiver.”

Mehera Bey
VP of Production, Broadcast

“The leadership coaching received thus far has been an incredible first step to educate, motivate and arm a small leadership group with the necessary skills to create such an environment where we are better set up for success. From tools on effective communication, relationship building, trust, problem solving and encouraging motivation and drive with our peers and staff, we are actively pursuing the building blocks for a new, scalable, impactful foundation that will help make us even greater than we are today.”

Jon Simon
VP, Integrated Marketing

“The leadership coaching has benefitted me and my department greatly. For 2018, we now have a shared vision across the entire social staff to Create a Culture of Ownership. Each day, I watch people embrace it more — leading to a stronger team and better work culture. This and the skills that the director on my team and I have learned, make us stronger individual leaders and has set us on a more effective path than ever before.”

Rebecca Rose
SVP, Social

“The group and individual sessions have very beneficial in presenting alternate ways to listen and engage, address conflict, and provide tools that are actionable and relevant to our responsibilities. Additionally, the candid conversations and opportunity to connect at a different level with other leaders in the shop makes a difference in how we interact on daily basis. I’m very grateful that Ayzenberg offers this benefit, as it reinforces the commitment that is being made to ensure the future success of both the individuals and the shop. Hope to see the program continue and expand to include additional members at a variety of levels.”

Bill Buckley
VP Brand Integration

“Working with Marie Elena has significantly added to my growth as a leader, as a manager, and to my overall development. It’s also been the same for my for my staff. We are very fortunate to have such highly skilled coaching and guidance. We are translating our insight into action by building stronger teams and collaborating. We have received positive feedback and are experiencing more cohesiveness. It’s a journey that is taking place gradually — and, there is an openness and willingness to change on all levels. I am so grateful to management for providing this. Thank you!”

Lori de los Santos
Psy.D. Clinical Program Manager

“The leadership training has been quite fruitful for me in my individual role at Ayzenberg, and more importantly, for us as a group of leaders. It is valuable and unlike anything I’ve experienced working for other companies. The skills training and problem-solving techniques are all very useful. What I find even more valuable, is that it’s created a forum for us as team leaders to share our wisdom, experience, advice and camaraderie with each other in a way that promotes both long-term problem solving and real-time leader-to-leader bonding.”

Matt Rice
VP, Creative Operations

“The leadership coaching has been transformational for me. I love being a leader, yet it is something you need learn and develop as a skill. Understanding my responsibility to the teams and individuals across the company, understanding the impact of my actions and how they can move things forward, or not, has been a powerful lesson. Working through challenges, problem-solving with my peers in the group sessions, learning from them, growing along side of them, building trust in the team and confidence in my abilities has allowed me to take massive action around areas of my profession I truly believe in. Thank you Marie Elena, for all your support.”

Justin Hills
VP, Strategy & Integration

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