Services (Onsite or Remote)


Large groups (20+) / Small groups (5-20) Leaders are not born with the skills they need to succeed. In fact, most leaders were high performers who were promoted because of competence versus a stellar ability to lead or manage. Fundamental skills for senior-level executives include:

  • Communications
  • Emotional intelligence
  • People management
  • Performance management
  • Goal setting
  • Accountability
  • Conflict resolution
  • Problem solving
  • Team-building
Bringing leaders together to hone these skills provides growth and development as well as an opportunity to build deeper relationships with their colleagues.

Individual Coaching

Everyone needs a support system – especially leaders – who are often isolated because of their status or position within the organization. One-on-one coaching allows participants a safe space to focus on current challenges and find new ways of approaching them. Gaining perspective, developing self-awareness, navigating interpersonal dynamics and honing the ability to respond versus react are a few of the many skills honed during sessions. What’s the investment worth? A study of executives at a Fortune 500 firm showed a 529% ROI on coaching – including

  • Improved productivity
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Better work quality
  • Higher level of work output.


Even strong communicators benefit from a skilled third party who keeps important sessions on track, guides discussions in a productive way and captures key learnings and next steps. Whether it’s a quarterly offsite, leadership summit or a client/team meeting, a trained facilitator allows you to focus on participation and results rather than the meeting itself.

Solution (n.): From the Latin solvere meaning “to unbind, untie, free, open”

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