Instagram Live – The Comeback Box

In this Instagram Live interview with Leah Simon, the creator of The Comeback Box, I share tips on finding more fulfillment in your current role and how to transition into a new one successfully.

How to Dance with Possibility

In this episode of The Good Life Coach with Michele Lamoureux, Marie Elena Rigo talks about seeing experiences as learning opportunities, finding your calling, and dancing with impossibility.

Listen In: Marie Elena Rigo On The Origins Of Insight

A conversation with MER Leadership Design founder and executive coach, Marie Elena Rigo, who discusses the key tools necessary to produce insight for ourselves and for our work.

Give Your Team Permission to Fail

The Futur’s Chief Content Officer, Matthew Encina, and Video Content Producer, Mark Contreras, talk with executive coach, Marie Elena Rigo about struggles with leadership, failure, and letting go of responsibility (10 minutes).

How to Lead Compassionately In the Time of Coronavirus

Coronavirus layoffs surge across the US, overwhelming marketing leaders on how to proceed in the face of uncertainty. Marie Elena Rigo sees these times as an opportunity to embrace a growth mindset. Here she shares recommendations on how leaders can thoughtfully navigate layoffs, if need be, and maintain open communication with employees. READ THE ARTICLE

Connection (n.): From the Latin connectere meaning “to involve, join, fasten, link together”

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